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hollister outlet ebay uk Today saw his micro-blog, there are all sorts of emotion. Between us is not to miss anything! That has allowed him to write the words , in the end missed something between us ! I do not know , originally , I always think I know him very well . But today , saw his microblogging know I do not know much about him, I did not even enter his life.

He said, " Can you tell me , how can I do it? Bored , unhappy , her eyes wet with tears , think before. Mind that how happy Think now , there are how sad heart. Loss, loss, good hard ah ! people to care about you , the more his own , so can not ! must be changed in such a ! there because there is fruit . Did you ask a man to believe that so difficult? do not , tread frustrations towards the road to hollister outlet ebay uk success , for happiness on the front . suddenly look back on years of relentless life is a dream only to find people alive is a mood . "

In short, he can repeat 2-3 times. He asked me how to do ? I do not know how to do ? I would also like to know how to do ? His sad sad · · Lost · Frustrated , he shed tears of exactly who to ? Not not believe him , just wanted an answer , and I know he is not good at expressing the same . However , they want a definitive answer so difficult? But, the answer , Fengyun reassurance , he has been reluctant to tell me , would not give me to eat

In the end what is the purpose ! What exactly is in order ! Why should I refuse outside the door of your heart , let me slow to come into your heart, he knows , as I know him, he knows I never feel safe. However , what is for what ! I can not walk into your heart, in the end is how, exactly hollister outlet ebay uk what went wrong

Sometimes, sometimes , just sometimes true and sometimes it? What time is the end , is not how long we 've contacted . That feeling will never see you again . Some things are not said to be a knot , and said that a scar . Those Secret , will be our excuse never met . Been thinking , many years later , if you and I , so no longer contact , suddenly one day, so the noise of the crowd stood , looking at each other with hollister outlet ebay uk each other , the first sentence requires much courage just to say out .

The most uncomfortable thoughts, not the other side do not know your thoughts, but he knows it does not matter. Some people , no matter how you are nice to him , he would not pay attention , because his life, how you look is negligible . Most people are not tired of the often distant road , but your heart depressed ;hollister outlet ebay uk  most people tend not decadent future ups and downs, but you lose confidence ; most painful life more often than not , unfortunately , but you dashed hopes ; most people desperate frustration often not blow , but the death of the soul. ( Prose reading : www.sanwen.net)

A lot of things , not what we want , we can get . A lot of people , not our stay , we can retain . Walking in love desert, disoriented ; scenery along the way , only walking forget . No struggle, no longer entangled . Time as water, always silent . If a person to declare to you , anyway please cherish TA love for you , even if only ordinary friends, so there will be no second confession . Maybe love is not finding a perfect person , but to learn to appreciate the perfect vision of an imperfect person. Led by the hand , do not just break up

Is not really so scattered , is not never forgive me , is not going to always ignore me . Did you know? In fact , those words you really good hurt , my heart seems to be the same Oath pain , heart wounds that road will never be good, still fame or fortune. The so-called love , is when the feeling , passion , romance , after all removed, you hollister outlet ebay uk still care for each other.

If we had not met, maybe I would not be me now . In your world, I laughed , painful , covered tired. In your heart , there is always a corner , others get in, you will not get out . It turned out that we love betrayed me. Letting go is the best relief. Will not shed a tear for you , will not be innocently waiting for your call , no matter how tough will not beg you not to leave. If humble love , it is no longer love ; love if pain is not called love. Heart hurts it hurts , pain as people choking, it is bloody , bloody hard , but I am still alive , really strange ah

Because I hollister outlet ebay uk know that I'm alive is what you want to see , that is your greatest wish , therefore , whether it is more and more pain · pain , even if it is in the blood , I will live well , I hope you too